Virtual Dedicated Servers

Acclerate your load with supercharged network

What's the difference with VPS?

It is easy to confuse the term Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). They have the below fundemental differences:

Bigger Resource Allocation

VDS will usually have bigger resource allocations than VPS to mimic dedicated servers.

Guaranteed Resource Isolation

Resource allocated to a VDS are never shared with other VDS instances.

Dedicated Network Connections

VDS usually comes with better network connectivity options.

VDS Plans

The HKT network is very performant and have a good routing profile to major international destinations.


The starter VDS configuration for those needing bigger network speeds.

  •   2 vCPU
  •   1GB RAM
  •   20GB Disk
  •   100Mbps Network Port
  •   Unlimited Traffic


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Balanced configuration with faster network speeds than VPS plans.

  •   2 vCPU
  •   4GB RAM
  •   40GB Disk
  •   200Mbps Network Port
  •   Unlimited Traffic


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Biggest network bandwidth for the most demanding users.

  •   4 vCPU
  •   4GB RAM
  •   100GB Disk
  •   500Mbps Network Port
  •   Unlimited Traffic


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Extra Management IP

Adds an extra static IP for easier VDS management.

NVMe SSD Upgrade

Boost IO performance with an enterprise NVMe SSD as the boot disk.

VDS Advantages

VLAN Separation

Fast Performance

Selection of OS

Disk Storage Options

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