We are On9Host, the host specialized on Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). Currently, we launched our first product line of Hong Kong VDS plans that features dedicated resources and premium WTT Hong Kong network at a reasonable price. We hope you will enjoy our plans.

If you want a compare us with other hosting providers, we really shine. Here is a list of special features that you probably will not find on other hosting providers:
  • VLAN Isolation - Customer's VDS is isolated using VLAN technology to ensure privacy between VDS instances.
  • Dedicated Bandwidth - Each VDS comes with dedicated Internet connectivity. No more sharing bandwidth!
  • Dedicated Hardware Resources - Every VDS can consume all their resources without affecting other customers' VDS.
  • Wide Range of OS Selection - From popular Linux distributions to Windows Server (License not included).
Please note that our VDS may take up to 12 hours to deploy as dedicated networking is being arranged. If you have special requirements when purchasing our VDS products, you are welcome to leave a note on your purchase and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

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