In order to provide better performances for our most popular VDS products and better differentiate between our VPS series, we now annonce that our VDS hosts will be upgraded to NVMe SSDs to provide smooth experiences for any kind of workload for our VDS customers and addresses the problem of slow disk performance found by some of our customers.

Unfortunately due to the high costs of enterprise grade NVMe SSDs, we will need to charge US$20 one-time fee to our existing VDS customers to carry out this upgrade. The corresponding upgrade invoice will be sent to your e-mail account during the next few days and the actual upgrade process will begin in approximately a week later and we will notify all VDS users before performing the upgrade via e-mail. Please be aware that failure in paying the upgrade fees may render your VDS instance suspended.

The new price for our VDS services are currently under review and old customer will not be affected by the price change.

Thank you for your understanding and support for our services.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

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